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Blogs and Website
There are alot of writers out there that are not what you would say well known except in certain areas, but they all have blogs.One of these days they may make it big and get a New York Times Best Seller. One never knows.So here are some favorite Web Sites and Blogs that I visit and follow .


Christian Book Store
Readers Favorites
Cozy Mysterys
The Wild Rose Press
White Rose Publishing
Whiskey Creek Press
Miss Mae -Southern Genteel*
Heather Justesen
Joyce Dipastena
Coffee Time Romance
JoAnn Carter
Teri Wilson
Coffee House Mysterys,Cleo Coyle
Cozy Mystery's
Denise Swanson
Lorna Barrett
Mystery Lovers Corner
Fantastic Fiction
Stop Your Killing Me, Mystery Authors
Cozy Library
Novel Reaction
Ashley Ludwig*


Edgy Christian Fiction Lovers
Jennifer Valent
Laureans Lore
Heather Justesen's Blog
Joyce Dipastena Blog
E.A.West Blog
Reviews By Buuklvr81
Library Of Clean Reads
Romance Old School

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