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FTC Disclaimer For New Ruling

According to a new ruling by the FTC beginning December 1st,2009, reviewers/bloggers who receive books or products for payment in lieu of a book review must disclose the fact.

Book Blurbs that I have listed on my website are from books,Paper Backs,Hard Cover, or E-Books that I have reviewed for
Readers Favorite
, authors who have requested a review, books I have won in a contest, or my own personal books that I have purchased.

No E-Books remain on my computer after I have finished reading them and no books that I receive are sold or passed around.

I "DO NOT" and "HAVE NOT" ever receieved any monetary or any other products accepted in lieu of getting a good review. I read because its a hobby I started as a child and continue till this day and something I enjoy doing.
All reviews, comments and blurbs are of my own opinion whether they be good or bad.

There will be no links to the publisher in order for a person to buy the book in question. All links is to the authors website or blog.

With that said, my book blurbs/reviews will now be coded with the following:

RF= Book Reviewed by Readers Favorite and review sent to them.
A= Book review requested and provided by the Author.
W=Won book in a contest, no review requested, my own Blurb.
O= Books I have Purchased and/or books from my own personal home library.

Thank You.

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